Sunday, April 5, 2020

A New Technology of Cloning Humans essays

A New Technology of Cloning Humans essays Is cloning the new method to treat human beings in the future? Recently, there has been an argument about cloning a human being. When it comes to cloning, people seem to want it both ways: "no" to reproductive cloning on moral grounds and "yes" to therapeutic cloning on scientific grounds. But, which one is the right decision? Human therapeutic cloning helps the ill to recover more efficiently. Therapeutic cloning helps recreate cells and tissues for better health. The Advanced Cell Technology say: 'therapeutic cloning is cloning for the possibility of recreating young cells and tissues potentially of any kind, genetically identical to the person who needs them, to replace worn out cells and tissues? ( This therapy would help patients with Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury, heart muscle cells for heart failure, cartilage for arthritis, pancreatic cells for diabetes, as well as many others. Cells are obtained from embryos during women first stage of fertilization. This is one problem that part of society is concern about. They think this act is against moral grounds. Politicians are very concerned with this new therapy method too. They rail against the scientists and try to prohibit a whole tide of research. But such social and political responses ignore the dynamism of medical science its complexity and possibility. At this point, society and politicians have asked many questions to this new issue. Are women allowed to do this? Should there be a restriction on who is able to provide embryos? Is this against religious judgment? But, adult women are capable of their own decisions. If she has chosen to be a donor, it's because she needs a financial support, and at the same time she wants to help people not capable to ideally complete certain present treatments. Before she donates, she is aware of the causes and consequences for which she'd ...

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